National Federation of Independent Business Florida PAC Endorses CFO Jimmy Patronis for Reelection

[June 7, 2022] National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Florida PAC endorses CFO Jimmy Patronis for reelection. The two have worked together to make sure that businesses across the state are thriving and that the states economy continues to grow.

NFIB State Executive Director Bill Herrle said, “On behalf of our small business members, I am honored to announce the NFIB Florida PAC’s support for Jimmy Patronis. Since becoming CFO in 2017, Jimmy Patronis has supported much-needed lawsuit abuse reform and been a champion of prosecuting financial fraud, one of the biggest reasons Main Street businesses have seen their insurance rates skyrocket in recent years. Small business is essential to Florida’s continued financial health, and Jimmy Patronis has shown us time and again that he understands the challenges facing Florida’s job creators and will do everything he can to ensure we remain a state where small businesses can thrive.” 

CFO Patronis said, “Thank you so much for having me here and for the endorsement. Thank you to Bill Herrle for advocating for businesses across the state – especially during the Covid-19 pandemic – and for all of your member businesses’ support over the past four years. I come from a small business myself. I know the struggle that business owners face. I know the worries they have about making payroll. I know the risk they take every time they step out in faith and seek to grow and become larger. Running a small business isn’t easy, but it is rewarding. I want those of us in government to provide predictable and fair processes to let businesses flourish and create more jobs in Florida. That is my continuing commitment to you!”



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