Florida Home Builders Association PAC Endorses CFO Jimmy Patronis for Reelection

Florida Home Builders Association PAC endorses CFO and State Fire Marshal

Jimmy Patronis for reelection. CFO Patronis works with Florida Home Builders in providing

Florida with homes equipped with proper fire safety.

CEO of Florida Home Builders Association Rusty Payton said, “CFO Patronis has worked hard

to combat insurance fraud and make sure that the housing market is growing. We have had our

work cut out for us over the past year as Florida continues to grow exponentially and the CFO

has helped us push out houses by minimizing unnecessary regulations in creating safe homes and

buildings. We are happy to endorse CFO Patronis for re-election.”

CFO Patronis said, “It’s an honor to be receiving this endorsement from such an amazing

organization. The construction industry is the backbone of our economy here in Florida, so when

I see that our economy is flourishing, I know it’s because these guys are working hard and seeing

great success as well. Over the past year, they have been busy keeping up with all the people that

have been moving to our great state and I look forward to another four years working together to

maintain a strong economy and create jobs across the state.”



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