Independent Funeral Directors of Florida Endorses CFO Jimmy Patronis for Reelection

[May 23, 2022] The Independent Funeral Directors of Florida (IFDF) has voted unanimously to endorse State Fire Marshal and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis for reelection, emphasizing his experience as a small business owner. 

IFBF President Bruce Briggs said, “CFO Patronis has been a supporter of family-owned businesses during all of his years in public service. Jimmy knows the challenges that small businesses face as a result of his decades-long personal experience watching after his family’s business. Funeral homes bring people together throughout generations; Jimmy understands the positive impact this has on communities across Florida.There is no stronger advocate for Florida consumers than CFO Jimmy Patronis. During his time overseeing the funeral industry as CFO, Jimmy has stood by the consumers during multiple emergencies including hurricanes, COVID-19 and mass casualty situations. During each struggle, Jimmy listened to and protected consumers ensuring that they were connected to funeral services and weren’t taken advantage of by people who prey on others in their time of need.”

CFO Patronis said “I look forward to continuing my work with Independent Funeral Directors of Florida to make sure that the families in Florida are well cared for during some of the hardest days of their lives. I am thankful for their endorsement and for the service they provide to so many.”



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