60 Florida Sheriffs Endorse CFO Jimmy Patronis

[April 22, 2021] The majority of Florida Sheriffs, 60 out of 67 in the state, have officially endorsed Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis’ reelection bid. CFO Patronis also serves as the Florida State Fire Marshal, which means he works alongside law enforcement, fire and emergency personnel when they respond to hurricanes or major disaster events such as the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers in Surfside last year.

Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford praised the CFO’s work saying, “I proudly endorse CFO Jimmy Patronis. He has continued to stand with law enforcement and first responders in keeping Florida safe. Through many disasters and incidents throughout our state, he has had his boots on the ground to ensure that first responders had the resources and support that they needed.”

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder brought attention to CFO’s unique mentality in office saying, “I undoubtedly support and endorse CFO Patronis. I thoroughly enjoyed our time serving together in the House and his work while in office has reflected fervor and compassion not only for first responders and law enforcement, but for all the residents of Florida. The type of frontline, boots-on-the-ground mentality he has demonstrated is hard to come by and I look forward to another four years of knowing he’ll be there when we need it most. Thank you for all you do, Jimmy.”

Highland County Sheriff Paul Blackman shared a quote saying, “It is my opinion, Mr. Patronis has done an outstanding job representing U.S. citizens and the Great State of Florida.”

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt Hoffman thanked CFO Patronis saying, “I would like to thank CFO Jimmy Patronis for his unwavering support of our first responders who worked tirelessly through the pandemic. Whether it’s supporting and protecting first responders, protecting our seniors from fraud, or helping our military members, Jimmy works hard every day on behalf of the citizens of our great state. Thank you Jimmy for all your efforts on our behalf. Because you support us, we support you.”

Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith commented on the CFO’s compassion saying “Even though we are one of the smallest counties, CFO always helps and never forgets us in time of need or even just in everyday business. He is a small county friend and a treasured leader.”

60 Sheriffs Endorse CFO Patronis