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China is responsible for this pandemic. No two ways about it. Their incompetent and fraudulent actions early in this outbreak have cost us untold hardship and they need to pay.

So, this week I called for the Chinese Communist Party to pay restitution to the People of Florida and America. Because of their fraudulent actions, the COVID-19 outbreak has caused hardship in Florida and across the globe—death, isolation from sick and dying loved ones, massive unemployment, economic devastation, uncertainty, and billions of dollars in economic losses. 

Lives could have been saved had the Chinese government been transparent. 

Sign this petition to help hold the Chinese Communist Party legally responsible for silencing whistleblowers and journalists who covered the early stages of the pandemic.

Restitution must be paid, and they have an obligation to financially clear the hurdle COVID-19 has created.

This can’t wait. China has cost too much for the people of our state.

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