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CONTACT: Katie Strickland

Risky Ring Wrong for Florida Finances 
Record of Business Failures in Florida Tell a Troubling Tale

TALLAHASSEE, FL– Florida’s Chief Financial Officer has to be trusted to manage Florida’s finances. Yet, CFO candidate Jeremy Ring’s record of flopping and failing businesses in Florida is an alarming window into his poor business choices. Ring claims to be an expert businessman because of his five years at Yahoo, but his Florida track record says something different. The same year he left Yahoo, Jeremy took over a digital company that he publicly labeled a “failure” just a few years later. He then opened two other companies that flopped and promptly closed within two or three years after he opened them.

“Jeremy Ring’s flops and failures with Florida businesses make him the wrong choice for Florida’s finances. Ring talks up his experience at Yahoo, but his business record in Florida tells a different story, with multiple business ventures flopping or failing just years after Ring started them or took control. Ring even admitted in ‘no uncertain terms’ to his multi-million dollar digital venture ‘being a failure’ when speaking to a group in 2008. Risky Ring is wrong for Florida’s finances,” said Katie Strickland, Patronis Campaign Communications Director.

Jeremy Ring’s Record of Failed Businesses

FAILED: Convizion

• In 2001, Ring became CEO of Convizion. In 2014, Convizion had its charter revoked for failure to file an Annual Report.

• “In no uncertain terms, the Senator admits to Convizion being a failure. It was during a time when the internet bubble had exploded and he had millions in investor money at stake.” (“Senator Jeremy Ring Visits the Entrepreneur Club,” The Endeavour, 3/31/08)

FLOPPED: Strategic Baseball Ventures, LLC

• In 2002, Ring created Strategic Baseball Ventures, LLC in Florida. In 2005, Strategic Baseball Ventures was shut down due to failure to pay for the Annual Report.

FLOPPED: Ring Entertainment Group

• In 2004, Ring started Ring Entertainment Group. In 2006, Ring closed this company.


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