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Jimmy Patronis blasts Jeremy Ring for hypocrisy on cryptocurrency 
While Ring is opposing Patronis’ push for more transparency and monitoring to cryptocurrency in Florida, the CFO says his Democratic opponent’s most recent personal financial disclosure showing him profiting from his own investment in crypto. “Jeremy Ring came out yesterday blasting CFO Patronis’ call for creating a Crypto Chief who would monitor the rise of cryptocurrency in Florida and bring transparency to this new industry in an effort to reduce fraud and protect citizens,” Patronis campaign spokesperson Katie Strickland said. “Ring dismissed the CFO’s consumer protection efforts and said crypto should only be monitored at the federal level. It’s no surprise Ring doesn’t want any transparency in cryptocurrency since he is personally invested in cryptocurrency and his Personal Financial Disclosure shows he has made $50,354 from ‘digital currency’ on just this year. Florida needs a CFO who is working to protect their bank accounts, not his own.”
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