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This morning the FL NAACP attacked CFO Patronis for questioning a clemency applicant with a long history of domestic violence (that in one incident harmed a child and in another sent a woman to the hospital) about his child support payments. The NAACP falsely claims this question was about race, but CFO Patronis asked people of all backgrounds questions about their child support arrangements in previous clemency meetings. Below are highlights of some of those discussions, in the event you are writing on these baseless and hateful attacks. – Katie Strickland, Communications Director for Patronis campaign,


3/8/18 Executive Clemency Board Meeting – #2 Nels Arne Jr (White male)

Time: 14:04

Scott: CFO? 

Patronis: Um, I’m curious, you and your wife, you have kids?

Arne: We do. 

Patronis: How many kids you got?

Arne: I got one that’s graduated, one that’s graduating this year, and my son. Which two daughters and my son. 

Patronis: And these three kids are from your wife of the last 21 years? 

Arne: Yes sir. 


10/17/17 Executive Clemency Board – #43 Ronald Frank Abrams (White male)

Time: 2:52:37

Patronis: How old are your kids and how many do you have?

Abrams: Erwin, he’s 17 and he’s still at home. My daughter she moved out about 8 months ago. Felicia, she moved in with her mother who lives about three blocks away from me. And uhh David he moved with, there was an agreement as long as he finished his school, so he moved over to his grandfather’s in Hialeah to be closer to his uh girlfriend. 

Patronis: Okay. And you said you have custody of the three children.

Abrams: All three of them, yeah. I basically raised them. 

Patronis: So your wife just had visitation?

Abrams: She has visitation. I mean she could basically see them any time. She also.. She got married and they moved to Brooksville, Florida. Uhh they had a place out there so they moved there. And then they separated and she came back to South Florida. And you know we’re on you know speaking terms. She comes over maybe you know once or twice a week. Not to see me, the kids.  


12/14/17 Executive Clemency Board Meeting – #29 Tamas Pomazi (White male)

Time: 3:10:29

Patronis: Does…and how old is your son?

Pomazi: Three.

Patronis: Thirty?

Pomazi: Three. 

Patronis: Oh, three. 

Pomazi: I have two other children with two other women. Yes.

Patronis: Okay. Now with your two other children with other women…child support?

Pomazi: Uhh, yes. 

Wife: He did. 

Pomazi: I took care of all of them. 

Wife: They’re adults. 

Pomazi: They’re adults. 

Patronis: Ever missed any payments?

Pomazi: No. 

Patronis: Okay. And then the three-year-old son, that is that is both your son?

Pomazi: Yes. 

Patronis: Okay. Okay. 

Pomazi: Can I just add one thing? My son, oldest, Alexander lives in Atlanta. Umm has two children so I am a grandfather. He has a CDL license. He drives truck. My little girl, Bronte, just graduated from Central South Florida with bioengineering. So if that clarifies anything for you.  



Disclaimer: Paid by Jimmy Patronis, Republican, for Chief Financial Officer.

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